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UNIQUE & PERSONALISED golf ball marker display boards.

Handcrafted Marker Display Clocks & Targes [Shields]


Display Clocks

Display Clocks

Display Clocks

Display Clocks

Display Clocks

Display Clocks

This range is designed for the ball marker collector who is looking for something a little bit different and perhaps enjoys the ‘TIME’ he or she played certain courses.

The Clocks are approximately 10”/11” diameter and have a capacity for 12 markers. They have a German Quartz Movement which is guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase.

You can add an engraved plate with text of your choosing to the clock which can make it a perfect gift for family or friends or even a prize at a Golf Outing or Corporate Event.


Targes [Shields]

Targes [Shields]

Targes [Shields]

Targes [Shields]

Targes [Shields]

Targes [Shields]

The Targes [Shields] are also 10”/11” in diameter although they have a capacity of 42 markers.

There is also an option of adding a half ball into the centre of the board or a flat metal disc which can be engraved with a personal message of your choosing.

As this range is also unique to each customer we ask that you contact us by Email to enable us to provide you with a quote.

We tend to be asked for Oak or Sycamore for our Targes but can obtain other hardwoods and of course we use recycled furniture whenever possible.

Fixing the markers in place

The 5mm dia holes in the display boards are large enough to fit 99.9% of the PIN markers on the market and we suggest that you use blu/white tack to hold them in place. This allows you to move them into different locations on your board if necessary. The flat magnetic markers are held on by Neodymium magnets which sit flush on the board.

We are also offering packets of magnets [5mm dia x 5mm deep] to insert into the pre-drilled holes on our plain boards. That way you have an opportunity of adding some flat magnetic markers to it thereby giving you a combination board.

Pack Number

Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3


20 Magnets

35 Magnets

50 Magnets





There is no charge for Postage & Packaging if purchased with a display board however if purchased separately there will be a small charge. Please contact us if you have a specific request.

Stamp Examples

Stamp 1 - Golfer
Stamp 2 - Golf Bag
Stamp 3 - Golf Ball
Stamp 4 - Golfer 2


Prices apply to the UK & NI only.

If orders from the EU, USA or the Rest of the World are received, then separate charges could apply.


Handcrafted Marker Display Targes [Shields] & Clocks

Our Golf Ball Marker Display Targes and Clocks are designed for the ball marker collector who is looking for something a little different and perhaps enjoys being reminded of the ‘time' he or she played certain courses