Carnoustie Golf Creations

UNIQUE & PERSONALISED golf ball marker display boards.

Engraved Plates

We can produce engraved plates for the Boards which can be ‘personalised’ for you making them a bit more special for the recipient.

Just include details of the engraving with your request for a board.

More Coming Soon .... 

Stamp Examples

Stamp 1 - Golfer
Stamp 2 - Golf Bag
Stamp 3 - Golf Ball
Stamp 4 - Golfer 2


Prices apply to the UK & NI only.

If orders from the EU, USA or the Rest of the World are received, then separate charges could apply.


Handcrafted Marker Display Targes [Shields] & Clocks

Our Golf Ball Marker Display Targes and Clocks are designed for the ball marker collector who is looking for something a little different and perhaps enjoys being reminded of the ‘time' he or she played certain courses